What's different about KENREC? How does it benefit me?
This is a content driven conference, NOT an EXPO •    Learn the market and what has worked to capitalise on it
•    Understand effective strategies of those who have been successful in kenya
•    Get an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities for all stakeholders in the Kenyan Renewable Energy space
Our attendees are decision makers •    You do not have to sift through large crowds hoping to make an effective contact
•     Meet face to face with genuine decision makers and people actively pursuing and facilitating commercial opportunities
Renewables specific, not energy generalist •    Everyone you meet and everything you hear about will be renewable related
•    Topics you are interested in will not be lost within or overshadowed by fossil fuel content
•    You can guarantee your fellow attendees are operating in the same space, raising the likelihood that they present a commercial opportunity to you
Cross Renewable Energy, not just geo or solar focused •    Commercial opportunities to capitalise on and understand in more than one field – the chance to  increase and diversify
Kenya, not region focused •    Assess Kenyan opportunities directly and effectively 
•    Guaranteed to meet with Kenyan stakeholders and those active in the commercial space there
•    Attendance at the event can be twinned with site visits and/or business meetings
On the ground in Nairobi •    Get a foot-hold on the ground, put theory into practice
•    Get a genuine flavour for and understanding of the local business climate
Networking and partnering facilities •    More opportunities to meet the right people
•    More sophisticated tools to organise meetings with the right people
•    More interactive and fun networking
Utility scale stream and off-grid/C&I stream •    See the opportunities for and attract those interested in both large and small scale projects
•    A broader scope of content whilst not neglecting the specific challenges and opportunities of each
Finance focus morning •    Attract investment for your projects
•    Understand the financial hurdles and challenges facing renewable energy and what they mean for your business
Business and industry (off-taker) presence •    Meet with potential C&I clients and understand their needs more specifically
•    Weigh up more accurately how energy demand will grow and what this will mean for renewable energy
3 days long •    More for your money
•    Learn and hear more
•    Meet more connections and for a greater period of time