Whether already active in the Kenyan renewable market, or weighing up emerging opportunities, KENREC is not to be missed. Be a part of this senior-level gathering to:


Develop Strategy
  • Navigate Kenya’s pro-renewable policy and understand what it means for upcoming development projects
  • Weigh up the investment appetite for Kenyan renewable energy and understand what you can do to make projects bankable
  • Qualify the extent to which Kenya will continue on its path of industrial growth and increased energy demand
  • Weigh up the different opportunities for utility scale, off-grid and C&I renewable energy in Kenya
  • Discover the true extent of off-grid renewable energy potential and the commercial opportunities it facilitates  



  • Learn from local and international developers who have been successful in bringing ground-breaking projects on-line
  • Receive a comprehensive overview of Kenya’s renewable energy regulatory framework, establishing an in-depth understanding of ‘who’s who, and what’s what’
  • Understand land-access regulations and ensure your projects don’t hit roadblocks
  • Decipher the potential for geothermal, solar and wind respectively and the actions necessary to realise these from a short to long term perspective
  • Draw on a wide variety of different formats across all 3 days to ensure you get the big picture, and the details of doing business in the Kenyan renewable energy space

Gather Intelligence


  • Form new international and domestic contacts with senior-level decision makers across the Kenyan renewable energy value chain
  • Meet those with the capital and the appetite to invest in Kenyan renewable projects
  • Participate in interactive sessions where you can build strategy and develop new contacts in the Kenyan renewable energy space
  • Gain first hand access to those on the ground in Kenyan and with the local knowhow to ensure the best chance of project success  



Meet the entire value chain at KENREC:

  • Policymakers
  • Regulators
  • International developers
  • Local developers
  • International investors and financiers
  • Development banks
  • Local banks
  • Leaders from Kenyan business and industry
  • High energy users and commercial offtakers
  • Law firms
  • OEMs
  • Panel manufacturers
  • IPPs
  • Consultants